Silver Beach

Located in St. Joseph, Michigan, Silver Beach is a fond look back... a recollection of an historic amusement park that once occupied this site on the western shore of Lake Michigan. The new Silver Beach recalls the earlier beachfront venacular buildings shaped now to contain a merry-go-round, exhibits, a childrens museum and special events spaces that recall the popular "Shadowland" dance hall.





A Very Large Digital Kaleidoscopic Array is located at the midpoint of the Boardwalk, between the lakeside and parking entries. Several hours of video were produced, projected within a faceted, mirror lined obelisk some 35 feet high. Additional imagery can be pulled from live cams on the roof of the building and from the inside of the obelisk itself.

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 Whirlpool Fountain, immediately adjoining Silver Beach, was inspired by confusion! Standing on the shore one imagines that they are looking sort of due West across the Lake... towards Chicago. Surprise! Try closer to Cheboygan. Happily, the fountain's compass rose design clearly points to the cardinal directions... taking the wonder of where the sun is headed off of the table. A solar calculator, the fountain is designed to point out sunsets on the Solstices and Equinoxes, while tracking the movement of these points from year to year.




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The fountain alternates between two states... soft, upward play jets and The Deluge. Armillaries, expressive of the celestial sphere, contain the high pressure spray nozzles.